You will find here below our menu, deferential to the local tradition, but with some variation made by us! If you want to see some pictures, click on this link:

Hors d'oeuvre

Cold appetizers
- Rare round of beef with a mustard crust and traditional tuna maionese
- Cream cheese with a parsley and capers sauce.
- Lard from Moncalieri with honey and chestnuts.
- Piedmontese pickled seasonal vegetables.
- Preserved rabbit with hazelnuts and crispy seasonal vegatables.

Warm appetizers
- Croutons with roasted peppers and mint.
- Garlic and cream dip with vegetable cruditè.
- Potato cake with “Castelmagno” cheese and rosemary.
- Thistle strudel with anchovies.
- Cream cheese with black truffle on a bed of chiory braised in Barbera wine.

First courses

- Chickpea soup.
- Potato gnocchi with black cabbage, gratinated with Toma cheese and butter from local pastures.
- Chocolate aroma homemade tagliatelle with a venisan ragù.
- Plin mini ravioli with a roastmeat and herb sauce.

Main courses

- Pork fillet in a hazelnut crust with mashed potatoes and black truffle.
- Beef slow cooked in Nebbiolo with an orange scented Sauce.
- Slow cooked pork shank with herbs and roast potatoes.
- Grilled beef sirlorin with a mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes and potatoes with rosemary.
- A selection of local cheeses with homemade fruit preserves.

Sweet Sensations

- “Tradition”: Classic langarola hazenut cake with a creamy dark chocolate
- “Gourmand”: Zabajone prepared at the moment with amaretti.
- “Temptation”:
pears cooked in red wine with a Moscato wine cream

Ice cream and sorbets